• 12 subpages, 2 language versions

  • Update of logo, selection of corporate fonts and colours

  • Implementation of a responsive website on WordPress


  • Graphic design of presentations based on client guidelines

  • Copywriting based on texts from the client

  • Creation of a graphic template for a product presentation


  • Analysis of customer needs - creation of a new information architecture

  • Minimalist graphic design

  • Website implementation on WordPress


  • Company presentation template in Google Slides

  • Material visually consistent with the new website

  • Ongoing cooperation on company marketing materials


  • Creation of a sales offer agenda

  • Design of graphic elements and copywriting

  • Icon animations


  • Advice on the Pitch Deck agenda and content on individual slides

  • Analysis, shortening and text corrections

  • Original graphic design, selection of fonts, colors, illustrations and photos


  • Company presentation in Polish

  • Company presentation in Polish 30 unique slides consistent with brand communication on the web

  • Cooperation with the Marketing Department


  • Creation of a new visual identity for the brand

  • Proposal of text abbreviations and information architecture on slides

  • Presentation in English

  • Selection of colors, illustrations, fonts

  • Presentation consistent with other brand materials

  • Presentation created in cooperation with the Management Board of the company

  • A landing page that sells online courses

  • Original graphic design

  • Implementation together with the Agency


  • A slide master consisting of 30 slide layouts to choose from

  • Presentation consistent with the brand's new website

  • Project realized in English for Nopio Agency


  • Landing Page for a law firm operating in Italy

  • Original graphic design of the website

  • Implementation on WordPress by Agency


  • Project realized for Nopio Agency

  • Brandbook in InDesign

  • Project based on a ready graphic template prepared by Nopio

  • The presentation was based on consultations with the Marketing and Sales Departments

  • Design of a unique agenda and presentation scenario

  • Author's graphic creation

  • Developing a company price list

  • Graphic design (UI in Figma)

  • Selection of company colors, fonts, photos


  • Creating a coherent presentation template based on the available mockups of the mobile application; Clear designs of infographics, diagrams based on numerical data from the client

  • Multi-stage cooperation with a 4-person project team

  • Presentation in English


  • Information architecture and UX mock-ups

  • Sales copywriting

  • Original graphic design - selection of fonts, colors, photos, icons


  • Creating a presentation agenda and content for individual slides based on source materials from the client

  • Business analytics - competition research, Business Model Canvas, Business Opportunity

  • Sales copywriting in English


  • 15 slides

  • Selection of illustrations

  • Cooperation with the Marketing Department


  • Business analytics - developing content for 15 slides based on client's materials, developing a business model - Business Model Canvas

  • Graphic design with product mock-ups + copywriting

  • Cooperation with a multi-person project team


  • Design for a general marketing presentation for a company

  • Design of the offer presentation

  • Graphic design - selection of typography, illustrations and photos. Design of diagrams and infographics

  • Original graphic design for 20 pages of presentation

  • Cooperation with a 4-person design team on the architecture of information on individual slides

  • Presentation in English, in Google Slides


  • Original graphic design for 15 slides

  • Infographics - clear charts, diagrams, numerical data visualization

  • Content consulting, cooperation with the Management Board, PR and Marketing Department


  • 12 sllides

  • Graphic design of the presentation with the selection of colors, fonts, photos, icons

  • Implementation of the project in cooperation with the company's management board

  • Information architecture and sales copywriting

  • Original graphic design for PC + mobile

  • Implementation on CMS WordPress


  • Selection of content for individual slides based on the client's notes and development of a graphic design based on the company's brnadbook

  • Cooperation with startup founders

  • Additionally: landing page design consistent with the presentation


  • Graphic design consistent with the company's brandbook

  • Corporate offer template

  • Cooperation with the Marketing Department


  • 100 slides in Polish and English, created in cooperation with the management board

  • Bank of slides - slides divided into sectors, depending on the prepared offer

  • Additionally: preparation of graphic templates on Linkedin in Canva


  • Analysis of the application + presentation plan

  • Creating content for 10 slides based on materials from the client

  • Graphic design of the presentation with clear diagrams and charts


  • Landing Page for the product "Company presentations"

  • Landing Page for the product "Pitch Deck"

  • Presentation of case studies 2020-2022

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