Effective Pitch Deck for a startup

Investor presentations projects from concept, agenda and presentation flow to copywriting, business analysis and graphic design.

In cooperation with Marek Kołodziejczyk – business analyst and long-term entrepreneur, we create presentations that allow you to better present your idea to investors.

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Investor presentation from A to Z

We present the menu of services as part of creating investor presentations (pitch deck). Depending on your needs and investors’ expectations, we choose together a package of services that will work best in your project.

Power Point

Google Slides

Presentation Scenario and Information Architecture Pitch Deck

We create the presentation agenda and the proper flow of information. In addition to the main slides, we can also create supplementary notes.

Sales copywriting
(PL or EN)

We will create sales headlines for you, suggest text changes, and look at the logic of the content layout from the recipient’s perspective. We prepare presentations in Polish or English.

Clear and modern graphic design

All graphic designs that we implement are 100% of our authorship. You will get a unique, legible and modern design with consistent typography, iconography and colors.

Business Opportunity

In order for the investor to be able to assess the chances of the project’s success, he must know on which markets the project will operate, what its size is and how many potential clients may be of interest.

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Business Model Canvas

The Canvas Business Model is an essential part of your Pitch Deck presentation. Thanks to it, every investor will be able to learn about the main assumptions of the project.

Competition analysis

The investor expects a thorough analysis of the competition, which will indicate whether there is space for your project on the target market. It is equally important for an investor to know the advantages and disadvantages of the competition.

Our case studies

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Pitch deck na rynek UK aplikacja mobilna
Projekt graficzny pitch deck
Prezentacja inwestorska do projektu Horyzont Europa
Projekt pitch Deck dla firmy z branży HR na rynek UK
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You are just one step away from starting your project

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Write what you need. In the feedback (max 48 hours) you will receive a quote for your project, after its approval – we can proceed.

8 elements of a good Pitch Deck

Here are 8 essential steps to help you create a good and valuable presentation. Do them all and your pitch deck will be really effective. We will be happy to make a presentation for you that will include all these elements!

Describe the problem that your product or service solves

Make sure this element answers the key questions, which is: what problem have we identified? Who is he bothering? What audience problems does your project solve? A properly prepared template allows you to save a lot of time when preparing further materials by your employees and ensures a consistent and professional message for your clients.

Showcase your team, resources and what you've already done

Show off your achievements and experience, as well as the people with whom you will implement the project and what unique resources they have. It is worth mentioning here the education path and the projects implemented so far.

Define the market and competition you will face

Knowledge of the market in which we will be present and the competition is a very important and most often underestimated element of the presentation. Investors attach great importance to market analysis and learning about our market advantages. If this is a topic that you cannot analyze yourself, it is worth outsourcing it to an external company (check: competition analysis).

Show how it will develop over time

Prove that after receiving the financing you will not rest on your laurels and now you have a ready plan for the development, implementation of new products and scaling of your product. You can present this point in the form of the so-called roadmaps.

Present your idea

Present your idea, its main assumptions and functionalities and tell how your product or service can be used.

Show the potential, i.e. the recipients who may be interested in it

This is where data, research results and surveys will be perfect, as well as any reliable information indicating that your project has a target market. Always use verified data sources - such include national / European / world databases or reports of companies that are authorities in your industry.

Reveal your business model and financial plan

Show how your project will work in everyday reality, what and how much it will earn. We show what the client's path will look like and how we will build relationships with our clients and business partners. Business Model Canvas is currently the most popular.

Be clear about what you need from the investor

We cannot forget to clearly define the quantity and time of resources that we need to implement our project. Only after obtaining such information, a potential investor is able to determine whether he is interested, what he can propose and what he expects in return.

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