Professional presentations for your company

Fully editable presentations for companies in Power Point or Google Slides in cooperation with the Sales, Marketing, Research and Business Development departments.

I create legible, modern and unique presentation templates. 

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Pitch deck

Implementation of the investor presentation from A to Z – business analytics, competition research, graphic design and more!

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Product presentation

Basic company presentation presenting comprehensively your product or service.

Sales presentation

The company’s offer tailored to the needs and requirements of your client. The most important sales material accompanying each meeting.

Event presentation

Presentations prepared align with event presentation good practice. Built on the basis of storytelling (appropriate scenario and presentation flow) and an attractive visual layer.

Slide master

Presentation template based on the slide master – in Power Point or Google Slides. It guarantees the consistency of your brand communication.


Creating company and industry reports in Power Point or Google Slides based on data from Excel; in cooperation with the analyst.

Training presentation

Materials designed for training, including online training, webinars etc.

E-book / broshure

Corporate materials dedicated for online channel. Thematic e-books, company brochures, employee materials and more. 

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What do I pay attention to when designing slides?

First of all, consistency with the brand – company fonts, colors; Plus, clear and inviting headlines, the right amount of text on the slide and legible fonts. Finally, a selection of photos, icons and illustrations. All this makes the projects I create consistent, legible and original. I create each presentation from scratch.

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Pitch Deck na rynek UK Care Express

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My services

Power Point

Google Slides

Presentation agenda

Send the materials (texts, figures, drawings) for your presentation, and based on them, I will develop a logical presentation scenario containing all the necessary elements.

Data processing

If necessary, in cooperation with the Business Analyst, we prepare such materials as competition analysis, business model and researching market opportunities in target markets.

Graphic design

A selection of colors, fonts, icons, illustrations – consistent with your brand and the type of presentation you need.


Even the most complex scheme can be presented in an accessible and understandable way. I create charts and diagrams that your audience will understand.


You can also count on me in terms of copywriting. Catchy headlines, clear and short descriptions. I create texts in Polish or English. If there is such a need, I cooperate with professional translators.

Case studies

Here you will find them all!

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Projekt prezentacji dla funduszu inwestycyjnego

Only one step away from designing your project

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Describe briefly what do you need. In the feedback (max 48 hours) you will receive a quote for your project, after its approval – we can get started! Realization of the presentation from 5 working days. I issue an invoice.

Types of company presentations

Product presentation / general company presentation

This is a company presentation that is often treated as the so-called "Slide bank". Such slides are used depending on the needs by various departments in the company. Here you will find general information about the company: who we are, our products, services, timeline, team, awards.A properly prepared template allows you to save a lot of time when preparing further materials by your employees and ensures a consistent and professional message for your clients.

Slide master of the company presentation

Company presentation templates (based on a slide pattern) consistent with the company's existing branding (colors, fonts, graphic elements), and in its absence - created from scratch. I am modifying the current template or creating a completely new version of it.A properly prepared template allows you to save a lot of time when preparing further materials by your employees and ensures a consistent and professional message.I add a user manual to the template, which allows the template to be used even by those who are not advanced users of PowerPoint or Google Slides.

Sales presentation

The purpose of the sales presentation is to show the company's offer, price packages or a schedule of activities for the implementation of a specific project. This type of presentation is most often sent to the client in PDF form via e-mail.So far, I have carried out product presentations for industries such as: commercial real estate, industrial machinery, applications, marketing agencies, training, consulting, photovoltaics and others.

Presentations for events / public appearances

Conference presentations, public appearances or lectures have their own rules. First of all, these are highly visual presentations - here we limit the amount of text and focus on meaningful photos and engaging slogans. On stage, the speaker is the most important. A well-prepared presentation makes him feel even more at ease and more confident there. If you need support in preparing for a public speaking, also let me know.

Pitch Deck - investment presentation

I most often co-create investor presentations with Business Development Departments and Management Boards of companies. This is a demanding presentation format. It must contain specific analytical data, effective promotional slogans and an interesting narrative. In addition to the graphic design, I also offer clients the creation of investor presentations from A to Z in cooperation with a Business Analyst (target market analysis, business opportunity, competition analysis, business model based on figures, Business Model Canvas). We create materials in Polish and English.

Market reports

I carry out industry reports based on your source data from Excel. In addition to graphic design, you can also commission me to develop source data and copywriting. I also carry out reports summarizing the current situation in the company in a given period - e.g. quarterly reports or annual reports.

E-book, broshure (.pdf files)

Draft files (usually in PDF format) such as: company brochures, materials to download after signing up for the newsletter, information materials for employees, company e-books, leaflets, investment teaser. All these files can be created in programs such as Power Point or Google Slides, as well as Canva or Figma (depending on your needs).

Training presentation / online webinar presentation

Presentations created with training in mind are expert presentations, where there is no room for the slightest mistake or typo. Such a presentation must be interesting, evoke specific emotions, guide the recipient in accordance with your path of reasoning. When designing a training presentation, information about the form of its presentation is also important - offline training or in the form of a webinar (online).

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