30 slide proposals for corporate presentations

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The corporate presentation is an extremely important communication tool that allows you to present your company, its products or services in a way that is convincing and attractive to potential customers or business partners.

Wondering what information should be included on the following presentation slides to make the customer want to start further cooperation with your company?

The key to an effective presentation is to plan and structure the content appropriately, so in this article I will discuss the 30 most important sections you can include in your corporate presentation.

In my experience, it’s a good idea to focus on a maximum of 10-15 of these and build an engaging story about your organisation and its services around this information.

1. Cover Page

A good cover page is one that makes you want to find out more about the company’s services. Before sending a presentation to a client, ask yourself whether you_ yourself would be interested in such an offer.

The title page may include the following elements:

  • company logo
  • brand slogan. Such a slogan from a technical point of view should be about 3-6 words long and be 100% understandable to a person who does not necessarily function in your industry on a daily basis.
  • the date (e.g. when the offer was made)
  • the name of the client for whom the presentation was prepared

2. Intro

Begin your presentation with a short but succinct introduction outlining the purpose of your presentation and what makes you stand out in the marketplace. This is a good place to present a visualisation of your product, a photo that presents your services well or an illustration of the benefits of your offering.

A short, clear statement of what your company does and what problem it solves for customers can go a long way to understanding its core business.

3. Agenda

For more complex documents and presentations, it is useful to include a table of contents here. Power Point and Google Slides allow you to add links to individual presentation slides and this would be a good place to use this functionality.

4. Company History

Provide a brief history of the company, its founders and stages of development. This is a great opportunity to showcase the company’s experience, unique characteristics and values that have shaped its identity.

Tell about the founders, the most important events in the brand’s history, such as the opening of a new branch, entering foreign markets, the first million, hiring high-level professionals, raising funds, industry awards or a major sales success.

The history of the company is best presented on a horizontal timeline as in these selected examples:

5. Mission, Vision & Values

Discuss your company’s mission, vision and values. Show what ideas and objectives guide your company’s activities and what its long-term goals are. The latter may be of particular importance to your potential business partners or investors, for example.

6. Location Map

Including a map of your company’s location can make it easier for potential customers to find your company’s premises or points of sale. The map also shows the reach of your organisation. You can also present planned developments here.

7. Our Products / Services

Get down to specifics. Outline the main products or services offered by your company. List their names and the features that distinguish them.

You can list products in different ways depending on your industry and business needs. You can look at them from several angles:

  • from the perspective of your service recipients – e.g. B2B / B2C,
  • from the perspective of your customers’ industries. You may, for example, offer a different service to the FMCG industry and a different one to a real estate agency,
  • from a location perspective,
  • from the perspective of the timing of the project – you offer consulting at the beginning of the cooperation and only then project management.

8. Customer Benefits

Highlight the main advantages and benefits of using your company’s products or services. Show why your offer is worth choosing.

Iga Malinowska, Corporate presentation designer

9. Services Overview

The services that are most relevant are worth discussing in more detail. Highlight the most important features of your featured product. Use icons, photos and illustrations to enrich the factual message.

10. Our Company in Numbers

On the next slide, present your company in numbers! Apply simple solutions that build your position as an experienced business partner.

Use the following ideas:

  • XX company employees
  • XX years of experience
  • XXX of completed projects
  • XXX XXX spaces designed
  • XXX products sold in the last month
  • XX countries serviced
  • XX% increase in sales in the last year
  • XX% market share

11. Development Plan

Discuss the company’s future growth plans. Show how the company intends to grow and achieve its next business goals. Discuss the company’s development plans for the future. Show how the company intends to grow and achieve further business goals.

12. Innovation and Technology

Highlight the innovations and new technologies that the company uses in its operations. Show how these elements contribute to the company’s growth and competitiveness.

13. The Team

Introduce the main members of the company’s management team and key employees. Show their competence, experience and commitment to the company’s development.

14. Management

On the next slide, highlight the company’s founders, board members or department heads who are responsible for growth strategies. This is a good place to showcase their experience (use logos of well-known universities and well-known employers) or link their profiles on Linkedin.

15. Customers and Partners

List the main customers and partners the company works with. Show what relationships the company builds and the benefits of these collaborations.

16. Clients’ Testimonials

Including customer feedback and reviews can build trust and confirm the effectiveness of the solution offered.

17. Case Studies

Provide examples of satisfied customers and case studies that prove the effectiveness and value of the products or services offered.

18. Social evidence

In addition to customer reviews and a portfolio of realisations, you can showcase the awards your company has received in your corporate presentation. Also show off your quality certificates.

19. Market Analysis

Provide a brief analysis of the market in which the company operates. Discuss the trends, challenges and opportunities presented by changes in the local and international market. You can present this information in the form of charts or infographics on a map.

20. Sustainability / ESG

Discuss the company’s activities in the area of sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Show what initiatives the company takes to protect the environment and local communities.

21. Stages of Cooperation

Discuss the stages of working with a client, from initial contact to finalising the transaction. Show what steps the company takes to ensure the best experience for the client. Present the different stages over time. Indicate how long each stage takes, who is responsible for it, what are the most important activities within the interval.

22. Price list

Presenting a clear price list for your services or products can be crucial for potential customers. Show what pricing options are available and what each package includes.

23. Divider

For long presentations, it is useful to divide the document into several chapters. To do this, it is worth designing consistent dividers to symbolise the start of a new thought and allow time to breathe.

24. Complementary Services

Promote additional services that can be a valuable addition for customers using your main offering. Many times you will find that the customer does not know you offer them and is happy to purchase the whole package of services from a known supplier.

25. Financial Performance

Presenting a company’s financial performance can be important, especially for corporate clients or investors. In pitch deck presentations, this is one of the most important slides in the presentation. Always present 100% true data here, supported by sources.

26. Next Steps

Outline what are the next steps in working with your company? Maybe a ‘real-life’ meeting, or maybe sending a detailed offer in Excel or signing a contract? Provide the recipient of the presentation with all the information that will make them feel confident in knowing the further process.

27. Summary

Executive summary. Summarise in 3-5 points the most important conclusions of your presentation. Depending on the context, you will focus on other points here, e.g. in an investor presentation you will summarise again the most important differentiators of your startup and the benefits for investors.

28. Questions & Answers

Reserve time at the end for questions and answers. Allow participants in the presentation to ask questions and provide concrete answers.

29. Contact

Conclude your presentation with your company’s contact details and encourage further contact and collaboration. Include information on contact options such as telephone, email, website or social media.

30. Disclaimer

If your offer is confidential, the last slide of the presentation is the place to include this information.

Normally, a presentation should be no more than 20 slides long. Focus on the most important information and choose the proposals that will work best for your industry or business.

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